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Ross Poole Hair, Nails and Beauty Ross Poole Hair, Nails and Beauty Ross Poole Interviewed by Mums about Cookham

Ross Poole Interviewed by Mums about Cookham

Exciting times at the moment for everyone at Ross Poole. We were kindly approached by ‘Mums about Cookham’ who produce a magazine for the local area. Ross was more than happy to be interviewed keeping in with his philosophy of being part of the community!

The Magazine was particularly interested in talking to Ross about the launch of the Brand New Salon – Ross Poole Hair, Nails and Beauty in The Cookham Business Arcade.

Ross explains his family’s long term history in the Hair and Beauty industry, his background, experience, qualifications and impressive journey to where he has got to now and why he is so passionate about the business he runs. His hard working team and his husband Darren are also mentioned as being an important factor to the business’s success.

He also goes into explain why he fell in love with Cookham as a place to open his newest Salon, and why he feels the connection with the area.

The full interview can be found here

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