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Discover Cinderella Hair with Ross Poole Cookham - Ross Poole Hair, Nails and Beauty

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    Ross Poole Hair, Nails and Beauty Ross Poole Hair, Nails and Beauty Discover Cinderella Hair with Ross Poole Cookham

    Discover Cinderella Hair with Ross Poole Cookham

    Hair extensions when used in the right way can make your hair look and feel amazing. They can disguise damage, disguise scarring or thinning, or they can just be used to have luscious hair. Hair extensions aren’t only to create long locks – if you are in search of volume, Cinderella Hair can help you achieve your desires effortlessly.

    At Ross Poole, we use Cinderella Hair Extensions which are 100% Remy, human hair sourced with integrity. These are the highest quality type of hair extensions and are most similar to your real hair, so they’ll hold styles and texture the same way and won’t shed as much as the cheaper options. The goal is for you not to look like you’re wearing fake hair.

    The complete Cinderella Hair Extension range is cuticle correct to avoid tangling and matting, while preventing the hair from becoming rough. Being cuticle correct is extremely important as this ensures that the cuticles on each individual strand of hair are pointing the correct way.

    The range is also root point correct which means that all the hair on each bond is the same length, removing any short hair.

    Cinderella Hair only uses the finest Protein Moulded Bonds (PMB) which are formed from keratin. This ensures that there is no damage to natural hair, while also stimulating natural hair growth and nourishing natural hair.

    Cinderella Hair offers a vast selection of more than 60 colours, from base shades to fantasy and pastel shades, which enables you to embrace creativity or acquire a simple yet perfect colour match that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

    How are Cinderella Hair Extensions applied?

    This short video shows what you can expect if you are thinking of having hair extensions.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know if hair extensions are right for me?
    First of all you need to have a free consultation with the salon team and we can determine if your natural hair is suitable for hair extensions.

    How much will my extensions cost?
    CALL 01628 298384 OR BOOK online for your FREE hair extensions consultation.

    Will hair extensions damage my natural hair?
    Cinderella Hair’s pre-bonded extension system will not harm your natural hair or scalp. The Protein Moulded Bonds (PMBs) have been designed to melt at a low temperature to protect fine and course hair alike.

    Can I wash my extensions?
    Cinderella bonds do not go soft after washing and stay firm right up to the removal process. The extensions are flexible and blend with your own hair to give an even and natural overall finish. When conditioning your hair extensions, ensure you only condition your hair from mid-length to end and never on the bonds/roots.

    Can I style my hair extensions?
    You can style your hair extensions just as you would your own hair. It’s a good idea to apply styling products before and after blow-drying to help protect the hair, but to avoid getting styling products on the bonds, only apply from mid-lengths to the ends. Also, try to avoid excessive heat – instead, opt for medium temperature straightening and curling irons.

    How long does Cinderella Hair last?
    We recommend that your extensions should be replaced after three months as the bonds grow down. After removal another set of extensions can be re-applied close to the roots.

    What products should I use?
    Cinderella Hair has developed a specially formulated product range to work in harmony with our extensions, to keep the hair looking fantastic with strong bonds that last.

    We advise you not to wash your hair for 1-2 days after your hair extensions have been applied. This will allow the correct amount of time for the bonds to set.
    When washing your hair extensions, it is extremely important to use products that will not damage the bonds, or damage the Henley Pop-In Extension material/track. Cinderella Hair’s aftercare products will prolong the length of life of your hair extensions, whilst nourishing and moisturising both your hair extensions and natural hair.

    To shampoo – wet the hair ideally in the shower, tipping your head back. Apply the Cinderella Hair Caviar and Red Algae Extract Shampoo and squeeze through from the roots to the ends. Only use gentle strokes, avoiding any scrubbing motions, as these can make the hair tangle. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.
    To condition the hair – apply the Cinderella Hair Anti-Static Agent and Keratin Conditioner from the mid-lengths to the ends. Rinse thoroughly. Don’t rush! You may be surprised by the extra weight of your extended hair.

    Ask in the salon for product details and recommendations.

    How do I look after my hair extensions?
    We advise you to visit the salon within the first week to check the extensions and at least once a month after for a maintenance check. Allow a little extra time each day to look after your Cinderella Hair extensions, but otherwise you can treat them like your natural hair.

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